GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Belgium
Pfizer, USA
Merck, USA
Novartis AG, Switzerland
Sanofi Pasteur, France
Sanofi-Aventis, France
MedImmune, USA
Baxter, USA
Novozymes A/S, Denmark
Wyeth, USA
Intercell, Austria
Crucell, Netherlands
VaxInnate, Inc., USA
Shenzhen Polytechnic, China
Medicago Inc, Canada
Novartis Vaccines, USA
Cyto Pulse Sciences, Inc., USA
GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, USA
Selecta Biosciences Inc., USA
Petrovax Group, Russia
Becton,Dickinson&Company, USA
TechnoVax, USA
Antagen Biosciences, Inc., USA
Apogee Technology, Inc, USA
Acambis, UK
Chiron, USA
AlphaVax, USA
Emergent BioSolutions, UK
Hawaii Biotech, USA
Arbovax, Inc, USA
Sigma-Aldrich, USA
Duke-NUS, Singapore
TechnoVax, Inc., USA
Medicago Inc, Canada
Kotwal Bioconsulting, LLC, USA
MedImmune Vaccine, USA
Synergy America, Inc., USA
VPM Inc., Germany
Shanghai H&G Biotechnology Inc., China
Oxford-Emergent Tuberculosis Consortium Ltd, UK
Theraclone Sciences, Inc, USA
Green Cross Therapeutics Pvt Ltd, India
DanDrit Biotech, Denmark
Crossbeta Biosciences B.V., The Netherlands
Transgene S.A., France
TD Consultancy, LLC, USA
BioReliance, UK
Biosante Pharmaceuticals, USA
Vaxgen Corporation, USA
AXIO International, France
Charles River Avian Products and Services, USA
Strategic Manufacturing Worldwide, Inc., USA
GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Sweden
VTI Pharmaceutical Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., China
GE Healthcare Life Sciences,China
Althea Technologies Inc., USA
immatics biotechnologies GmbH,Germany
Green Hills Biotechnology GmbH, Austria
Gan Shmuel, Israel
SIOGEN Biotech, Malaysia
OptiNose AS, Norway
Civimetrix, Canada
Apotex, Canada
Biovet Pvt Ltd, India
BD Technologies,

International Vaccine Institute
International AIDS Vaccine Institute
Global TB Vaccine Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
Children’s Global Health Initiative, USA
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, Canada
Sabin Vaccine Institute, USA
National Institutes of Health , USA
National Human Genome Research, USA
National Vaccine and Serum Institute, China
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA
Oxford University, UK
Institute Pasteur, France
Tufts University, USA
Tufts University School of Medicine, USA
Fudan University, China
University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Aarhus University Hospital – Skejby, Denmark
Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Fraunhofer USA CMB, USA
INSERM, France
Arizona State University, USA
Uppsala University. Sweden
US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, USA
Arizona State University, USA
University of Calgary, Canada
Gold Coast Campus, Australia
University of Calgary, Canada
National Health Research Institutes,Taiwan
Netherlands Vaccine Institute, Netherlands
Chungnam National University, Korea
The University of Sydney, Australia
Queen Mary University of London, UK
University of Lille2 and University of Artois, France
Ghent University, Belgium
Chicago Medical School, USA
National University of Colombia, Colombia
Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, USA
European Commission Joint Research Center, Italy
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA
University of New South Wales, Australia
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Pomeranian Medical University, Poland
Public Health Service, The Netherlands
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The Wistar Institute, USA
Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, India
RMIT University, Australia
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
University of Indonesia, Indonesia
World Health Organization, Switzerland
Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,Russian Federation
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
University of California, Davis, USA
Kuwait University, Kuwait
Lanzhou University, China
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, USA
Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia
French National Academy of Medicine, France
New York University, USA
Harvard Medical School, USA
Link?ping University, Sweden
D Cotugno Hospital, Italy
Chiang Mai University, Thailand
The Ohio State University, USA
Deakin University, Australia.
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
University of Paris, France
University of Southampton, UK
University of Ulm, Germany
National Cancer Research Center, Serbia
World Health Organisation (WHO), Uganda
Cornell University, USA
Hacettepe University, Turkey
Tel Aviv University, Israe
National Institute of Hygiene, Morocco

BIT Life Sciences’ 2nd Annual World Vaccine Congress-2010 focused Event for Vaccine Technology and associated with technologies for disease prevention and treatment was hold successfully in International Convention Center, Beijing, China during March 24-26, 2010. The conference was supported by China Medicinal Biotech Association (CMBA), P.R. China. This year’s congress has obtained highly focus and extensive attentions throughout the world. Honorable leaders and distinguished guests worldwide have come all the way to attend this congress. 43 sessions covered 8 fields including Basic Sciences of Preclinical Studies; Human Vaccines (Major Infectious Diseases); AIDS Vaccines; Human Vaccines(Non-Infectious Diseases); Cancer Vaccines; Livestock/Veterinary/ Aquaculture Vaccine R & D and so on. With a theme of “Next Generation Vaccines”, participants from academic, industrial professionals and key-decision makers delivered the new achievement on their research, together discussed and analysised the development of vaccine. There were in excess of 500 registrants from 40 countries, 260 abstracts, 33 exhibitors, 33 professional media altogether. Most of them registered for this congress as a group.
To provide a progressive state-of-the-art report so that researchers and other workers in the field can advance and progress the field knowing what is already available
To accelerate progress in the development of vaccines to infectious and non-infectious diseases that threaten the well-being of citizens
To encourage a prophylactic approach to healthcare and discover its boundaries
To discuss recent scientific advances that are contributing to progress in the development of vaccines
To discuss recent scientific advances that are contributions to the progress in the development of vaccines

Dr. Roy Curtiss III, Academician, United States National Academy of Sciences, USA

Dr. John B. Robbins,
Senior Investigator, National Institute of Health, 1996 Albert Lasker Medical Award Winner, USA

Dr. Dexian Zheng,
Vice President, Chinese Society for Immunolgy, China

Dr. Jeffrey Almond,
VP, Global Research and External Research and Development, Sanofi-Pasteur, France

Dr. Jean-Paul Prieels,
Senior Vice President, Research & Development, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Belgium

Dr. Peter H. Khoury,
VP, Global Marketing Baxter BioScience, Vaccines, USA


Dr. David Wenyan Shen, Executive Director and Head, Biologics Research & GlycoFi, Merck & Co., Inc., USA


Dr. Nathalie Garcon, Vice President , Head of Global Adjuvant Center for Vaccines, GSK Biologicals, USA

Dr. Eszter Nagy,
Vice President, Intercell AG, Austria

Dr. Theodore Girshick, Director, Charles River Avian Products and Services, USA

Dr. Kiselev Oleg, Academician, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia

Dr. Michael O. Favorov, Director of Translational Research Division, International Vaccine Institute, Korea

Dr. Andrew Potter,
CEO and Director, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, Canada


Dr. Jean-Yves Bonnefoy,
Chief Scientific Officer,, Transgene S.A, France

Dr. Nathalie Landry, Vice President, Product Development, Medicago Inc, Canada

Dr. Alan Korman,
Vice President, Discovery Research, Medarex, USA


Dr. Daniel Scherman, Professor & Director, INSERM, France

Dr. Raf Lemmens, Global Fast Trak Leader, GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Sweden

Dr. Yasir A.W. Skeiky,
Chief Scientific Officer, Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation, USA


Dr. Steve Udem,
Vice President of Exploratory Viral Vaccine Research, Wyeth Vaccines, USA

Dr. Louis-P. Vézina, Chief Scientific Officer, Medicago Inc, Canada

Dr . Scott M. Wheelwright,
President, Strategic Manufacturing Worldwide, Inc., USA


Dr. Allan W Cripps ,
Pro Vice Chancellor, Griffith Centre for Medicine and Oral Health, Griffith University, Australia

Dr. Vidadi Yusibov, Executive Director, Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology, USA

Dr. Christopher Carlson, Professor, University of Washington, USA


Dr. Joseph Saba,
CEO, AXIO International, France

Dr. Jose M. Galarza, CEO & President, TechnoVax, Inc., USA

Dr. Bernd Eisele,
CEO, VPM Inc, Germany

Dr. Stephen Lockhart,
Senior Vice President, Product Development, Emergent BioSolutions, UK

Dr. Malcolm Thomas, President and CEO, Arbovax, Inc, USA

Dr. Grayson Lipford,
Vice President, Selecta Biosciences Inc., USA


Dr . Jeffrey B. Ulmer, Global Head, External Research, Novartis Vaccines, UK

Dr. Frank J. Malinoski, President, TD Consultancy, LLC, USA

Dr. Charles M. Y. Lim,
Vice President Asia Region, BIA Separations, Austria

Dr. Michael Washabaugh,
Senior Director, Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co., Inc., USA

Dr. Jonathan Liu, Director, Vaccine Development, MedImmune, USA

Dr. Jovelle B. Laoag-Fernandez,
Director, Global Medical Affairs, Adolescent and Adult Vaccines, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Belgium

Track 1: Basic Vaccinology and Modern Vaccine Discovery Technologies
Track 5: Human Vaccines:-Cancer Vaccines
Track 2: Human Vaccines: Major Infectious Diseases
Track 6: Public Health, Economics, Safety/Ethic and Regulatory Aspects
Track 3: Human Vaccines: AIDS Vaccines
Track 7: Livestock/Veterinary/ Aquaculture Vaccine R & D
Track 4: Human Vaccines: Non-Infectious Diseases
Track 8: Vaccine Bioprocessing, Production and Manufacturing

BIT Life Sciences’ Annual World Congress of Vaccine is best known as the largest meeting devoted exclusively to the research on vaccines and associated with technologies for disease prevention and treatment in China. Through a series of impassioned and interesting symposiums, expositions, and poster demonstration, they shared and discussed their valuable and creative ideas, came to the agreement to be the scientific partners and business collaborators, and got the research funding and job opportunities. By right of the successful of WCV-2008, which has attracted 400 excellent presentations and more than 800 participants from both industries and academic areas, we are confident in achieving a more perfect work for our participants to redound upon their trust to the congress.

Focusing, then, on the latest scientific updates and breakthrough in the vaccine development, WCV-2010 is designed to cover almost all areas in frontier of Vaccinology, new technology innovations, vaccine R &D or discovery, regulatory, public health, safety and ethic issues, clinical practices, finance and business development, vaccine manufacturers and Procurement, equipment sellers and buyers, service and consulting providers, enabled technology and ready-to-go product licensing. The congress aims to advance a brainstorm and to promote the updates on today and next generation human and veterinary vaccines.

Exposure to 600 interested and relevant world class scientists, executives and decision makers on frontier of vaccine industry and vaccine R&D, and over 800 participants:

· Opportunities to focus on strategic issues in the vaccine industry, explore ways to further your products and technologies, and make new contacts through several organized networking events

· Demonstrate and promote new products, introduce new services or solutions and engage face-to-face contact with your target audience

Last year's event presented an unrivalled list of statistics which we feel are critical to enabling you to make an informed decision on attending the 2010vaccine congress:

• 800+ Attendees
• 70% Buy-side attendance
• 85% Director / VP / C-level attendance
• 25+ Countries represented

At the World Vaccine Congress 2010 you will be given the opportunity to focus on strategic issues in the vaccine industry, explore ways to further your products and technologies, and make new contacts through several organized networking events

On December 1-5, 2008, the 1st World Congress of Vaccine was held successfully in Foshan, China.

Totally, there were nearly 800 participants from more than 40 countries and areas having attended the WCV-2008. 48 sessions covered 6 fields including Public Health, Economics, Safety/ Ethic and Policy of Vaccination; Scientific & Technological Frontiers of Vaccines; Human Preventive and Therapeutic Vaccines-Future Vaccines; Other Human Vaccine Development; Vaccine R & D for
Emerging Infectious Diseases; Livestock/Veterinary/ Aquaculture Vaccine R & D and so on. With a theme of “Build an Olympian Meeting Platform for Future Vaccine World”, participants from academic, industrial professionals and key-decision makers delivered the new achievement on their research, also discussing and analyzing the development of vaccines. The conference has promoted the communication of colleagues and collaboration of partners from the upstream to the downstream of vaccine technology.

Exhibition Date
Set-up date: March 23 (Tuesday)
Show dates:
March 24 (Wednesday)-26 (Friday), 09:00-18:00
Place: Exhibition Hall, Floor 3, Beijing International Convention Center
Space: 3m (W) x 2m (D) x 2.5m (H)

As part of the 2nd World Congress of Vaccine (organized by BIT Life Sciences), an exhibition space totalizing 2000m2 will provide a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and services to an estimated 1200 international participants with interests in all areas of vaccines. In order  to offer comfort to delegates while maximize exhibitor exposure, all of the coffee break, and poster sessions will take place in the exhibition area promoting frequent and repeated opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibits. The 2010 WCV will take place at the Beijing International Convention Center:

* Posters, Coffee Breaks and exhibition will all be located on the 3rd floor of the building.

* Lectures will be held on the 3rd floor of the building, immediately close to the exhibition area.
Registration Open, early registration, the early bird you can enjoy

Foreign Experts Databank
of SAFEA-Dalian Biotechnological and Medical Experts Subdivision

BIT Lifesciences, Inc.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade China Chamber of International Commerce Dalian Branch

• July 31, 2009
Deadline for Early Bird Registration

• December 31, 2009
Poster Presentation Abstract Submission Deadline

• February 25, 2010
Hotel Accommodation Cancellation

• March 23, 2010

• March 24, 2010
Congress Opening Ceremony


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