BIT's 2nd Annual World Congress of Nutrition and Health
Conference Highlights
  • 50+ Symposiums Covering Current Topics Related to Nutrition and Health R & D
  • 200-300 Excellent Speeches by Leading Scientists and Researchers
  • 30+ Poster Presentations for Updated Nutrition and Health R & D
  • Meeting Cutting-edge technology and Advanced Research
  • Seeking Potential Opportunities to Make Cooperation with Fortune 500
  • Tech Tour to the Beautiful Cities in China

Keynote Speakers
Dr. Thomas C. Südhof,
Professor, Stanford University, USA
Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2013

Dr. Jigeng Bai, 

President, Shanxi Children's Hospital, Shanxi Province Maternity Hospital, China

Dr. Huimin Xia,
President, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, China

Dr. Xinghua Liu,
Vice Director, Institute of Applied Psychology, Department of Psychology, Capital Normal University, China
Dr. Robert Garfield,
Director, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, USA

Dr. Vilmos Fulop,

Division Leader, State Health Center, Hungary

Conference Report of WCNH-2014
On October 24-26, 2014, BIT's 2nd Annual World Congress of Nutrition and Health-2014 was held in Taiyuan Coal Transaction Center (TCTC), China together with the other four parallel conferences. Altogether, more than 300 participants from over 30 countries and regions shared the details of their research during the sessions. It was sure to announce it gained a great success.

As keynote speakers of this hug event, Dr. Thomas C. Sudhof, Professor, Stanford University, USA , Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2013; Dr. Robert Garfield, Director, St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, USA; Dr. Vilmos Fulop, Division Leader, State Health Center, Hungary; Dr. Jigeng Bai, President, Shanxi Children's Hospital, Shanxi Province Maternity Hospital, China; Dr. Xinghua Liu, Vice Director, Institute of Applied Psychology, Department of Psychology, Capital Normal University, China and Dr. Huimin Xia, President, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, China, gave their splendid addresses which were warmly received by the audiences at Keynote Forum.

Throughout the conference, the total 10 Sessions covered the topics: Food Dietary Guidelines; Obesity and Cardiovascular Nutrition; Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods; Basic Nutrition and Advances Nutrition Research; Food Science and Organic Agriculture; Food Technologies and Innovations in Food Processing; Pregnancy, Infant and Pediatric Nutrition; Nutrition in Cancer, Diabetes and Other Diseases; Global Strategies, Business Outlook and Environment in Nutrition. Among the fruitful topics, it was a scientific festival filled with great opportunities to get access to the advancing development of nutrition. WCNH-2014, in some ways, has promoted the communication of fellow colleagues and collaboration of partners involved in this field.

With the support and valuable suggestions from our esteemed guests, we are confident in WCNH-2015 which would be more successful than ever. Hereby, we sincerely welcome you to join us next year.
Renowned Speakers

Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer,
Senior Vice-President for Nutrition, DSM Nutritional Products AG, Switzerland
Dr. Peter Decock,
Global Nutrition & Regulatory Manager, Cargill, Belgium
Dr. Luc Tappy,
Professor, Department of Physiology, UNIL, Switzerland
Dr. Mahinda Abeywardena, Leader, CSIRO Health Nutrition, Australia
Dr. Magda Johanna Vandeloo, Master Natural Sciences 'Environmental Sciences' and Researcher, European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP), Belgium
Dr. Holger F. R. Jentsch, Professor, University of Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Ayman I. Sayegh, Professor, Tuskegee University, USA

Dr. Somdat Mahabir, Director, National Cancer Institute, USA

Dr. Jan Ann Westbury, R&D Senior Manager, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr. Dario Dainelli, Director, Sealed Air S.R.L., Italy
Dr. Luca Fernando Ruini,
Director, Barilla G.R.F.lli, Italy
Dr. Mike Woolridge,
Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds, UK
Dr. Lily Fredrix,
Assistant Professor, Open University of the Netherlands, Netherlands
Dr. Germana Bersani,
Pharmacist, S.Orsola-Malpighi University Hospital of Bologna, Italy
Dr. Farid Menaa,
Executive Director, Fluorotronics USA Inc., USA
Dr. Zena Marie Edwards,
Thurston County Cooperative Extension, Washington State Uniersity, USA
Mrs. Alison Burton-Shepherd, Professor, Kings College London, UK
Dr. Eline Marleen Van der Beek, Research Director, Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition, Singapore

Dr. Johann Joseph Steinhart,
Professor, University of Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Dirk Rainer Cremer,
Regulatory Affairs Manager, DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd., Switzerland

Dr. Paul F. Cancalon, Scientist, University of Florida, USA

Dr. Mahamane Mamadou, President/CSO, Phytomedic Labs, USA

Dr. Ann Seleda Williams,
Medical Consultant, University of California Davis Medical Center, USA

Dr. Randolph Michael Howes, Founder and Director, U.S. Medical Scientific Research Foundation, Inc., USA

Dr. James Betz,
Chief Science Officer, Biotivia LLC, Italy

Dr. Berg Gerda van den, Lecturer, HAN University of Applies Sciences, The Netherlands

Dr. Melissa Fitzgerald, Professor, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr. Tian Hong,
Researcher, Massey University, New Zealand

Dr. Tanja Sobko,
Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

Jason Bao.jpg

Dr. Jason Bao,
Nutrition and Health Manager, Unilever, China

5-4 Hae-Jeung Lee.jpg

Dr. Hae-Jeung Lee,
Assistant Professor, Eulji University, South Korea포맷변환_김복래교수님(1).jpg

Dr. Bok-rae Kim,
Professor, Andong National University, South Korea

Dr. Zhongxiao Wan, Associate Professor,
Soochow University, China

Dr. Mohamed Elwathig S. Mirghani, Associate Professor, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
Dr. Wan Rosli Wan Ishak,
Associate Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Narongsak Chaiyabutr, Professor Emeritus, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Dr. Ram Reifen,
Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Dr. Naomi Trostler,
Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Dr. Geila Rozen,
Director, Rambam Health Care Center, Israel

Dr. Zdenek Zadak, Professor, University Hospital Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Dr. Vaclav Bunc,
Dean, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Joerg George Birkmayer, President&CEO, NADH Handels GmbH, Austria

Dr. Andrea Perez, Professor, Federal University of Minas, Brazil

Dr. Ana Carolina Sampaio Doria Chaves,
Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil

Dr. Antonio M. A. Paes, Associate Professor, Federal University of Maranhao, Brazil 

 Tohru Mitsunaga.bmp

Dr. Tohru Mitsunaga, Professor, Gifu University,

Karolina Tabaka.jpg

Ms. Karolina Tabaka, Chair of Meat Technology and Chemistry, University of Warmia and Mazury in
Olsztyn, Poland

Marek Cierach.JPG

Dr. Marek Cierach, Professor, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland

Why Speak?
  • • Meet the researchers across disciplines and disease sites face-to-face;
  • • Network and exchange ideas with other leading experts;
  • • Use this opportunity to influence the realm through your ideas and perspectives;
  • • Your name will be on conference proceeding distributed to over 500 scientists worldwide;
  • • Have the unique opportunity to seal your corporate and academic presence.

Who Should Attend?
WCNH-2014 will appeal to academic and industrial scientists working on the nutrition, food, human health and so on. Student participation is strongly encouraged; as well as the opportunity to give oral presentations we place a particular emphasis on poster presentations.
WCNH-2014 provides an ideal platform to showcase your new technologies and products in China. It is developed to offer maximum exposure of the delegates to the exhibitors. The coffee breaks and poster sessions will take place in the exhibition area to promote frequent opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibits.

Introduction to Taiyuan
Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, called Jinyang in ancient times, is an ancient city with a history of 2500 years. It is located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in North China and is surrounded by hills in its west, north and east, covering an area of 6,998 square kilometers. Taiyuan has continental climate in North Temperate Zone, no bitterly cold days in winter and no broiling hot days in summer, with a quite temperature difference between day and night. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has been built to possess a complete industrial system with various of industries as the pillars of energy, metallurgy, machinery and chemical, and other industries as textile, light industry, medicine, electronics, food, building materials, precise instruments, etc.
Testimonials from WCNH-2013 Participants

It was a fantastic conference and I met extremely accomplished and very smart people. You did a magnificent job! I'm sorry I didn't meet you. I kept asking for you but you were in the office! Happy to fill out the forms and make suggestions but it was a wonderful gathering and I learned so much. Thank you for organizing and inviting me to keynote. I really enjoyed.

----- Dr. Sally Greenberg, Executive Director, National Consumers League, USA

Thanks you very much; I was impressed by the number and quality of people joining the conference. I am Happy to engage next time again.

----- Dr. Eggersdorfer Manfred, Senior Vice-President, DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland

It was a nice conference. Thanks for all your efforts to make it happen.

-----Dr. Hongwei Wang, Senior Science Manager, Dumex Baby Food Co. Ltd., China

I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the work you did to offer such a wonderful health conference. Dalian is a beautiful city and the program was diverse and of high quality. Thank you, again, for your consideration in including me in your program.
-----Prof. Catherine Frederico, Professor, Newbury College, USA

It was a great pleasure to visit the congress, have fertile discussions and contacts and to see Dalian.
-----Dr. Juergen Schrezenmeir, Professor, Gutenberg-University   Mainz, Germany

Taiyuan Attractions

China Local Time
Days To Go!

Jinghe Lang,
Academician, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China
Jinzhe Zhang,
Academician, Beijing Children’s Hospital, China
Yamei Hu,

Academician, Beijing Children’s Hospital, China

Xin Ni,

President, Beijing Children’s Hospital, China

Mr. Huabei Chen,
Director, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China

Dr. Tong Zhang,

Director, National Center for Women and Children's Health, China CDC, China

Dr. Jigeng Bai,

President, Shanxi Children's Hospital, Shanxi Province Maternity Hospital, China

Dr. Xiaodan Mei,

President, BIT Congress Inc.,China

Dr. Jigeng Bai,

President, Shanxi Children's Hospital, Shanxi Province Maternity Hospital, China

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