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BIT's 1st Annual Congress of Marine Biotechnology (WCMB-2011), successfully held in Dalian World Expo Center on April 25-30, 2011. Totally, there were nearly 350 participants from more than 30 countries and areas have attended the wcmb-2011.

As the keynote speakers, Mr. Gabriel de Scheemaker, Director, Former CEO of Cellana Group, The Netherlands; Dr. Bryan Willson, Professor, Colorado State University, USA; Dr. Gitelson J.I., Academicion, Institute of Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch; Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology, Siberian Federal University, Russia; Dr. Graham Shimmield, Executive Director, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA and Dr. Michiaki Yamashita, Section Chief, National Research Institute of Fisheries Science; Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan made excellent presentations and warmly discussed with the audiences at keynote forum.

23 sessions covered 6 fields including Breaking R & D in Marine Biotechnology, Algal Biotechnology and Phycology, Marine Natural Products and Valuable Materials, Marine Resources and Environment Bioremediation, Marine Bioenergy and Engineering and Biomedical Applications of Marine Biotechnology and so on. With the mission to initiate a sustainable platform for exchanging up-to-the-minute upstream and downstream achievements, industrial needs and research opportunities of industrial biotechnology fields in Asia Pacific Rim, participants from academic, industrial professionals and key-decision makers delivered the new achievement on their research, together discussed and analyzed the development of Enzymes and Biocatalysis. The conference has promoted the communication of colleagues and collaboration of partners from the upstream to the downstream of Enzymes and Biocatalysis.

Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing wcmb-2012 which would be better and more successful than wcmb-2011.

     Nobel Prize Laureates
  You can click each laureate’s photo to see:
  (Supporting Documentation: Confirmation Letter from Nobel Prize Laureates)

The "Nobel Across China Program" encourages young scientists to learn the latest discoveries in their fields. It encourages information exchanges in order

to support research in life sciences between China and the rest of the world  

Title : Towards a Structural Understanding of How DNA is Replicated into DNA and Transcribed into RNA
Dr. Thomas A. Steitz,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2009

Title :The Ribosome- an Amazing Machine for Translating the Genetic
Dr. Ada E.Yonath,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2009


Title: Two Extraordinary Proteins
Learned from Nature: The Green Fluorescent Protein GFP and the Photoprotein Aequorin
Dr. Osamu Shimomura,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2008

Title: The Other Side of the Gene: Protein Degradation – Physiology, Human Diseases, and Drug Targeting
Dr. Aaron Ciechanover,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2004
Title: The Ubiquitin System in Health and Disease
Dr. Avram Hershko,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2004
Title: Switches and Latches: The Control of Cell Division
Dr. Tim Hunt,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2001
Title: The Looming Crisis in the World's Helium Supply
Dr. Robert C. Richardson,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 1996
Title: 60 Years of DNA
Dr. Richard Roberts,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1993

Title: Function of Proteins Involved in Neurotransmitter Release and Short-term Synaptic Plasticity
Dr. Erwin Neher,
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1991

            More under Coordination

   Introduction of WCMB-2011
On earth the oceans comprise the biggest part of the biosphere and also contain the most ancient and diverse forms of life. It is only with the tools of modern science that these biological resources can be studied in detail, and the things learned from them applied for human benefit and fundamental scientific progress. Reports have shown that the resources of the sea remain largely unexplored, and that marine organisms represent a vast untapped resource with potential benefits in many areas including: medicine, aquaculture, fisheries, industry, research, and environmental protection and restoration. For this reason we have organized WCMB-2011 to bring together scientists and industry leaders from marine biotechnology organizations to encourage the development of commercial marine biotechnology.

   Highlights of the Conference

Over 200 scientific and technological presentations from scientists, executives and decision makers on the latest developments in marine biotechnology

Presentation of 100 posters and 30 expositions of new products and technologies

Opportunity for round table networks to further business and market developments

Optional tour to famous cities in China before, during or after the conference

   Programmed Tracks at a Glance

  Partial Scenery of Tech Tour

The Great Wall

The Palace Museum

The Terracotta Army


The Potala Palace


Golden Beach

We welcome you to visit the tour webpage to learn more about the routes and prices. To join a tour please contact Ms. Doris Han at

Conference Photos

Conference Photos

Renowned Speakers
Dr. Charlie Bavington,
Founder and Managing Director, GlycoMar Limited, UK
Dr. Franck Zal,
Mr. Thomas A. Byrne,
President of Algaedyne Corporation; Co-Founder,Byrne & Company Limited, USA
Dr. Michael A Palladino,
Senior Vice President, Nereus Pharmaceuticals, USA
Dr. Michiaki Yamashita,
Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Johannes F. Imhoff,
Professor, IFM-GEOMAR, Germany
Dr. Mark T. Hamann, Professor, University of Mississippi, USA
Dr. Ami Ben-Amotz,
Professor, Scientific Director of the Dunaliella Plant NBT, Israel
Bryan D. Willson Dr. Bryan Willson,
Professor, Colorado State University, USA
Dr. Ralph Plarre,
Co-Owner, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Pty Ltd., Australia
Dr. Koenraad Vanhoutte,
CTO, SBAE Industries, Belgium
Dr. Peter Pelicaen,
CEO, SBAE Industries, Belgium
Dr. Anthony D. Wright,
Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA
Dr. Daniel Romo,
Professor, Texas A&M University, USA
Dr. Sigve Nordrum,
Vice President, Aker BioMarine, Norway

Mr. Dean Tsoupeis, CEO, Culturing Solutions Inc, USA

Dr.Andrvan Wageningen, Marketing Manager, DSM Dyneema, The Netherlands

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Information Research Center of International Talents, SAFEA

China Medicinal Biotech Association

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Dalian Sub-Council
Dalian Association for International Exchange of Personnal

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