Time: December 1-7,2009 | Place: Foshan, Golden Sun Hotel China

   WCG-2009 Report

With the theme of “March into New Era of Bio-Economy” and operated by People' s Government of Sanshui District, China; Science & Technology Bureau? of Foshan, China ; Foreign Experts Databank of SAFEA-Dalian Biotechnological and Medical Experts Subdivision , BIT Lifesciences, Inc, BIT's 3rd World Congress of Gene-2009 was held successfully in Foshan Golden Sun Hotel during December 1 -7, 2009. More than 700 attendees from 35 countries and regions participated in this conference.

It was great honored to invite 3 Nobel Prize Winners to have a keynote speech in opening ceremony: Dr. Aaron Ciechanover (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004), Dr. Richard R. Ernst (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1991) Dr. Robert Huber (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1988) and Dr. Edward Lanphier (President & CEO, Sangamo BioSciences, Inc., USA) as well as the international industry's top 100 enterprises, other international major project owners, chief of foreign academic and research institutions who would like to open up markets and investment in Chinese international business.

16 Tracks and 44 sessions were smoothly presented in this annual congress, which includes: "Genomics"; "Proteomic"; "Bioinformatics"; "Biochips"; "Small RNAs"; "Molecular Biomarkers"; "Tissue Engineering"; "Bioanalysis"; "Biomedical Analysis"; "Nanomedicine"; "Biotherapeutics Discovery Technology"; "Advances of Emerging New Biotherapeutics"; "Agriculture and Veterinary Biotech"; "Biomaterials".

The audiences were particularly excited and fascinated by the very high level of interest expressed by our speakers. Meanwhile, many speakers have approached us to express their interest in the WCG-2010, we believe it will be a brilliant conference in WCG-2010 with this year’s precious suggestions; we will keep dedicated to providing an information platform for researchers all over the world to communicate and promote the Gene development. We are looking to seeing you at the WCG-2010 from November 6-8 in Shanghai, China.

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Key Dates
  • April 30, 2009
      1 st round call for speakers, papers, exhibitions, media partners and sponsors
  • October 15, 2009
      Speech Opportunities Application Deadline.
    Hosting Organization
    Information Reasearch Center of International Talent, SAFEA
    China Medicinal Biotech Association
    Guangdong Science and Technology Department, China
    People' s Government of Foshan, China
    Operating Organization
    People' s Government of Sanshui District, China
    Science & Technology Bureau of Foshan, China

    Foreign Experts Databank
    of SAFEA-Dalian Biotechnological and Medical Experts Subdivision

    BIT Lifesciences, Inc.

    Supporting Organization
    Science & Technology Bureau of Foshan Sanshui District, China
    Nobel Research Institute, China
    Guangzhou Gendustry Inc.,
    Genome Research Center of South China
    Institute of Genetic Engineering, Southern Medical University

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