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BIT's 2nd Symposium on Enzymes & Biocatalysis-2011 (SEB-2011), successfully held in Dalian World Expo Center on April 25-30, 2011. Totally, there were nearly 300 participants from more than 30 countries and areas have attended the seb-2011.

As the keynote speakers, Dr. Wenping Wu, Senior Director, R&D Center, Novozymes China, China; Dr. Mani Subramanian, Professor, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering; Director, Center for Biocatalysis & Bioprocessing, The University of Iowa, USA; Dr. John H. Dawson, Carolina Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of South Carolina, USA and Dr. Russ Hille, Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of California, USA made excellent presentations and warmly discussed with the audiences at keynote forum.

18 sessions covered 9 fields including Emerging Research on Enzymes, Enzyme Titer and Activity Improvement, Enzymes and Biocatalysis in Pharmaceutical Industries, Applied Industrial Enzymes, Basic Research on Biocatalysis, Biocatalysis in Organic Chemistry and Molecular Synthesis, Enzymes in Environment, Bioremediation and Bioaugmentation, Biocatalysis and Biocatalytic Technologies, Alternative Applications of Biocatalysis and so on. With the mission to initiate a sustainable platform for exchanging up-to-the-minute upstream and downstream achievements, industrial needs and research opportunities of industrial biotechnology fields in Asia Pacific Rim, participants from academic, industrial professionals and key-decision makers delivered the new achievement on their research, together discussed and analyzed the development of Enzymes and Biocatalysis. The conference has promoted the communication of colleagues and collaboration of partners from the upstream to the downstream of Enzymes and Biocatalysis.

Depending on the warmly support and good suggestions from all of the participants, we are confident in organizing seb-2012 which would be better and more successful than seb-2011.


     Nobel Prize Laureates
   You can click each laureate’s photo to see:
   (Supporting Documentation: Confirmation Letter from Nobel Prize Laureates)

The “Nobel Across China Program” encourages young scientists to learn the latest discoveries in their fields. It encourages information exchanges in order to support research in life sciences between China and the rest of the world

  Title : Towards a Structural Understanding of How DNA is Replicated into DNA and Transcribed into RNA
Dr.Thomas A.Steitz,
The Nobel Prize Laureate
in Chemistry 2009
Title : The Ribosome- an Amazing Machine for Translating the Genetic
Dr.Ada E.Yonath,
The Nobel Prize Laureate
in Chemistry 2009
  Title : Two Extraordinary Proteins
Learned from Nature:
The Green Fluorescent Protein
GFP and the Photoprotein
Dr. Osamu Shimomura,
The Nobel Prize Laureate
in Chemistry 2008
    Title : The Other Side of the Gene: Protein Degradation – Physiology, Human Diseases, and Drug Targeting
Dr.Aaron Ciechanover,
The Nobel Prize Laureate
in Chemistry 2004
    Title : The Ubiquitin System in Health and Disease
Dr.Avram Hershko,
The Nobel Prize Laureate
in Chemistry 2004
  Title : Switches and Latches: The Control of Cell Division
Dr.Tim Hunt,
The Nobel Prize Laureate
in Physiology
or Medicine 2001
    Title : The Looming Crisis in the World's Helium Supply
Dr. Robert C. Richardson,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 1996, Professor, Senior Vice Provost for Research, Cornell University, USA
    Title : 60 Years of DNA
Dr. Richard Roberts,
The Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1993, Chief Scientific Officer, New England Biolabs, USA
    Title : Function of Proteins Involved in Neurotransmitter Release and Short-term Synaptic Plasticity
Dr. Erwin Neher,
Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 1991, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Germany
More Under Coordination

News Release

Welcome the delegates from Arizona State University, USA


Welcome the delegates from University of Wisconsin, USA


Welcome the delegates from TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany


Welcome the delegates from Seoul National University, South Korea


Welcome the delegates from University College Cork, Ireland


   Highlights of the Conference

91 Sessions in Modern Enzymes and Biocatalysis Including Breaking Research to Industrial

  Applications and Business Development

400+ Oral Presentations from Academic, Industrial Leaders and Business and Financial


100 Posters to Report Innovative Discovery and Applications of Enzymes and Biocatalysis

50 Exhibitors to Demonstrate New Technologies and Novel or Robust Products for


10 Open Spaces for Self-organizing Interactive Symposia

1 Career Fair for Professionals in the Fields

2 Social Events Including Performance and Art Shows

4 Routes of Tech-tour to Lead You to Explore the Beauty of Ancient and Modern China and

  Natural Scenes in Beijing; Dalian; Lhasa; Xi’an.

   Programmed Sessions at a Glance

  Background of SEB
SEB-2010 was successfully held during April 22-24, 2010 in Shanghai, China. Altogether, 500 participants from 48 countries and regions participated in the conference. Dr. Wenping Wu, Director, R&D China, Novozymes China; Dr. Wenying Li, Principal Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., USA; Dr. Yijun Chen, Endowed Professor and Director, Laboratory of Chemical Biology, China Pharmaceutical University, China; Dr. Xiaodan Mei, President, BITeomics, Inc., China gave wonderful keynote speeches respectively during the conference. More...

   Exhibition and Poster
SEB-2011 provides an ideal platform to showcase your novel technologies and products in China. It is developed to offer comfort to delegates while maximizing exhibitor exposure, the coffee breaks and poster sessions will all take place in the exhibition area promoting frequent repeated opportunities for delegates to visit the exhibits.
Why Reserve a Booth at SEB-2011
  • To Meet Face-to-Face with the International Movers and       Shakers in the Field of Enzymes and Biocatalysts
  • To Meet with Key Decision Marker around the World
  • To Explore Business Opportunities in China and beyond
  • To Spotlight Advanced Technologies and Their Scientific       and Commercial Applications
  • To Take Advantage of the Conference's Captive Audience       and Networking Opportunities within the Exhibition Hall

  •    Partial Scenery of Tech Tour

    The Great Wall

    The Temple of Heaven

    The Terracotta Army

    The Potala Palace


    Dalian Ice Valley Ditch

    Welcome you visit website: to search more interesting information. And contact Ms. Sandy Lee: to join in.

    Conference Photos
    Conference Photos

    Renowned Speakers

    Arnold L. Demain, Member of the National Academy of Sciences in The United States, Founder of Dep. of Fermentation Microbiology at Merck & Co., Inc., Professor, Drew University, USA

    Dr. Wenping Wu,
    Director, R&D China, Novozymes China

    Dr. Theo Sonke,
    Senior Scientist, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, The Netherlands

    Dr. Eliora Z. Ron,
    Chair Elect of BAM section of IUMS, International Union of Microbiological Societies), Professor of Microbiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel

    Dr. Hans R Herren, President, Millennium Institute, USA

    Dr. Jane Dyson, Professor, The Scripps Research Institute, USA

    Dr. Mani Subramanian, Professor, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering; Director, Center for Biocatalysis & Bioprocessing, The University of Iowa, USA

    Dr. Mark Emalfarb, President, Dyadic International, USA


    Dr. Nicholas J Turner, Professor, Chemical Biology and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Biocatalysis (CoEBio3), Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, UK

    Dr. Sunney Chan, Academician, Distinguished Research Fellow and Former Vice President of Academia Sinica, Taiwan; George Grant Hoag Professor Emeritus, California Institute of Technology, USA

    Dr. Peter SeuferWasserthal,
    Senior Vice President Pharmaceuticals, Codexis Incorporated, USA

    Hosting Organization

    Information Research Center of International Talent, SAFEA
    China Medicinal Biotech Association
    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian
    Dalian Association for International Exchange of Personnal

    Operating Organization


    BIT Life Sciences, Inc.

    Foreign Experts Databank
    of SAFEA-Dalian Biotechnological and Medical Experts Subdivision

    Organization Participated
    Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan  
    University of Edinburgh, UK  
    University of Naples Federico II, Italy  
    University of Calabria, Italy  
    Monash University, Australia  
    University of Shizuoka, Japan  
    University of Manchester, UK  
    Chonnam National University, Korea  
    Syngenta Biotechnology Inc., USA  
    CRIBIQ, Canada  
    DSM Biotechnology Center, The Netherlands  
    CRIBIQ, Canada  
    Novozymes, Denmark  
    Technical University of Catalonia, Spain  
    Instituto de Catalisis. CSIC, Spain  
    Chr. Hansen A/S, Denmark  
    Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil  
    PomBioTech GmbH, Germany  
    University of Sherbrooke, Canada  
    The New University of Lisbon, Portugal  
    EPFL, Switzerland  
    Université Bordeaux 1, France  
    Wyeth Research, USA  
    University of Basel, Switzerland  
    Ohio State University, USA  
    Codexis, USA  
    PerkinElmer, USA  
    CNRS, France  
    Minho University, Spain  
    CRA-RPS, Italy  
    ISEIT/Viseu - Instituto Piaget, Portugal  
    Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico  
    University of Life Sciences, Norway  
    Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore  
    Rockefeller University, USA  
    W42 Consulting GmbH, Sudstr, Germany  
    University of Nebraska, USA  
    University of Nottingham, UK  
    New England Biolabs, USA  
    Graz University of Technology, Austrian  
    Université de Bourgogne IUVV, France  
    Nutreco R & D, The Netherlands  
    Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, Ireland  
    International Graduate School of Zittau, Germany  
    UPC, Spain  
    John Innes Centre, UK  
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland  
    Yonsei University, Korea  
    Institute of Biochemistry RAS, Russia  
    Riken Harima Institute/Spring 8, Japan  
    Washington University, USA  
    Chonnam National University, Korea  
    University of Turku, Finland  
    Yonsei University, Korea  
    DSM (CHINA) Ltd., China  
    Tokushima Bunri University, Japan  
    Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan  
    National Centre for Sensor Research, Ireland  
    Chonnam National University, Korea  
    Jeju National University, Korea  
    Minho University, Portugal  
    Ajinomoto Co., Inc, Japan  
    Kao Corporation, Japan  
    Penn State University, USA  
    University of California, USA  
    University of Cergy-Pontoise, France  
    Korea Atomic Energy Research institute, Korea  
    Yonsei University, Korea  
    Louisiana State University, USA  
    Chonnam National University, Korea  
    University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain  
    Idaho State University, USA  
    Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., USA  
    Pharmacology, University of Turku, Finland  
    National University of Singapore, Singapore  
    Neuroscience and Pain Research, Abbott Laboratories, USA  
    The New University of Lisbon, Portugal  
    University of Waterloo, Canada  
    University Paris 11, France  
    Okayama University of Science, Japan  
    VTT, Finland  
    Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain  
    University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany  
    FRS-FNRS, Belgium  
    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea  
    McGill University, Canada  
    New England Biolabs, USA  
    University of Louvain, Belgium  
    Murray State University, USA  
    Kyushu University, Japan  
    Utsunomiya University, Japan  
    University of Helsinki, Finland  
    Graz University Technology, Austria  
    Rockefeller University, USA  
    Pusan National University, Korea  
    University of Minho, Portugal  
    University of Adelaide, Australia  
    Linkoping University, Sweden  
    Linkoping University, Sweden  
    University of Melbourne, Australia  
    A. N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry, Russia  
    Molecular and Functional Enzymology, UR4, UPMC, France  
    National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA  
    University of Wuerzburg, Institut of organic Chemistry, Germany  
    the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences(NIEHS/NIH), USA  
    De Montfort University, UK  
    Department of Forest and Forest Products Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, Japan  
    Funai Electric Advanced Applied Technology Research Institute Inc., Japan  
    Yonsei University, South Korea   
    Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Laboratory, Germany  
    Malmoe University, Sweden  
    Institut of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS, Poland  
    METabolic Explorer, France  
    RWTH Aachen University, Germany  
    US FDA, USA  
    Theoretical Chemistry, University of California, USA  
    Keio University, Japan  
    Industrial Research Ltd, New Zealand  
    Ajinomoto Co., Incorporation, Japan  
    Kemin Industries (Asia) Pte Ltd, Singapore  
    University of California, USA  
    University of Tsukuba, Japan  
    Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University, Japan  
    The New University of Lisbon, Portugal  
    Kumamoto University, Japan  
    CSIC Institute of Catalysis, Spain  
    Osaka University, Japan  
    Kansas State University, USA  
    c-LEcta GmbH, Germany  
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA  
    New England Biolabs, USA  
    Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan  
    University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan  
    Kings College London, UK  
    University of Zurich, Switzerland  
    R&D China, Novozymes China  
    NTU, Depardtment of Agricultural Chemistry, Taiwan  
    Kyushu University, Japan  
    Zhejiang University, China  
    Rockefeller University, USA  
    University of Bergen, Norway  
    Nanyang Technological University,Singapore, Singapore  
    Diazyme Laboratories, USA  
    McGill Univeristy, Canada  
    Rockefeller University, USA  
    Codexis Inc., USA  
    New England Biolabs, USA  

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