BIT's 1st Annual World Convention of Biomed Industry-2014
According to the world's bio-pharmaceutical industry development trend, the biomedical technology is currently in the beginning stage of large-scale industrialization. After 2020, it will step into a rapid development period and gradually become the leading industry in the world economy. The marketing scale has greatly expanded in the recent 20 years, especially the modern biotechnology which represented by genetic engineering, cell engineering, enzyme engineering. More...

Main Conference
Part 1:
Opening Ceremony
Part 2:
Dalian Biomed Summit
Parallel Biomed Forums
Forum 2-1: Biotech Innovation Platform
Forum 2-2: Biomedicine Infrastructure
Forum 2-3: BioagricultureIndustrial Park
Forum 2-4: Biomedical Diagnosis and Devices InnovationBase
Satellite Meetings

Part 1: Multidisciplinary Microbiology

Theme 1: Molecular & Cellular Microbiology

Theme 3: Interfaces of Microbiology

Theme 2: System Microbiology

Theme 4: New Technologies of Microbiology

Part 2: Human & Medical Microbiology

BIT’s 5th Annual World Congress of Virus and Infections (WCVI-2014)

BIT’s 4th Annual Inaugurate Symposium of Hepatitis (ISH-2014)

BIT’s 4th Annual Symposium of Bacteriology and Infection (SBI-2014)

BIT’s 4th Annual Symposium of Antiparasites (SAP-2014)

BIT’s 4th Annual International Symposium of Mycology (ISM-2014)

BIT’s 4th Annual Symposium of Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (SADD-2014)

Part 3: Non-Human Microbiology

Symposium 1: Agriculture Microbiology

Symposium 4: Environment Microbiology

Symposium 2: Food Microbiology

Symposium 5: Fresh Water&Air Microbiology

Symposium 3: Marine Microbiology

Symposium 6: Extremophiles

Part 4: Microbial Biotechnology

1st Annual International Symposium of Industrial Microbiology (ISIM-2014)
Business Matchmaking Activities and Career Fair
Activity 1: Business to Government (B2G)
Activity 2: Business to Business (B2B)
Activity 3: Academic to Business (A2B)
Activity 4: Academic meets Academic (A2A)
Activity 5: Bio-Talent Searching Fair
Activity 6: Biomed Exhibition
Social Events
Event 1: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance
Event 2: Lunch Showcases
Event 3: Networking Cocktail Parties
Parallel Events

Concurrent Conferences
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