About Us

About Us

BITeomics, Inc., founded in China in 2003, is a company established by Chinese scientists living abroad. It specializes in the integration of current Chinese social and technological resources with resources from overseas, providing frontier technologies and product services for human health and biological careers.

BIT Life Sciences is a subsidiary company of BITeomics, Inc. It is dedicated to creating a global life science intelligence exchange channel by simultaneously addressing professional needs for information and technology sharing and eliminating culture divergence in bio-industries.

BIT Life Sciences aims to be the world leader in intelligence exchange. BIT Life Sciences integrates intelligence resources through well-organized events, courses and talent searches. We establish collaborations and licensing by tech trade Affairs and Tech-Tour, and visualize milestone achievements through reports, publications and e-newsletters.


  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Core Value
  • Objectives
  • Business Philosophy
  • Our Team

To create a global intelligence exchange channel to address professional needs for sharing information and to inspire young scientists in their career growth.

  • Be the leader in intelligence exchange in science education

  • Support sustainable development of new technology

  • Incorporate cutting-edge technologies into industry in order to increase productivity

  • Create the best communication platform for scientific fields in order to bring high economic return to investors and shareholders

  • Create more business and employment opportunities in the fields of healthcare and medicine

  • Encourage younger generations to be involved in scientific activities

  • Make BIT Life Sciences a unique channel for intelligence exchange and for the translation of technology into productivity in industry

  • Create a professional harmonious environment

  • Update those in the field on the most recent research in cutting edge technologies and products of life sciences

  • Serve bioscientific and pharmaceutical specialists in a variety of practice settings

  • Offer ongoing education, training, talent recruitment, technology transfers and product CI support to all life science industries

Innovation is the engine for the development of society. Our philosophy is “Science has no boundary”. Therefore, BIT Life Sciences will provide the best channel for intelligence exchange through its business activities. We appreciate and respect all creations and innovations from any origin without bias. We belong to many different backgrounds and nations, but we are able to share information while also enjoying diverse cultures and histories via our events and networking. Through innovative thought sharing, we have enhanced the translation of cutting edge technologies into productivity and economic growth.

BIT's staff is made up of nearly 200 professionals who are specially qualified in their respective fields and have proven experience organizing events. Our teams are young, dynamic and participate in ongoing training. BIT is committed to using sincere enthusiasm to help you create powerful experiences that matter! Besides our own team, we have a board of Honorary Advisors and Scientific Advisory Members from all over the world, which include Noble Laureates, academicians, distinguished professors, and executives from industries in all our conference-related areas.

Key Conferences

Speaking Opportunities

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BIT will organize 29 conferences in 2010 which will cover important topics in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, drug discovery, venture capital, forensics, bio-software, etc. We will gather together leading professionals from all over the world to present and discuss the latest breakthroughs and innovations in these fields. If you would like to participate in a conference, please contact us.